3Hr Learning FAQ

What’s the difference between 3Hr Learning and 3Hr Sales Power?

3Hr Learning is a family of products dedicated to helping people learn the skills they need to be successful in a hyper-competitive market. 3Hr Sales Power is the debut 3Hr Learning product, and it focuses on effective sales skills ranging from landing and conquering interviews to persuading a cold lead to buy a product or service.

What is 3Hr Sales Power?

3HrSalesPower is a mobile sales education program for people who are going places. It’s a quick and effective video based sales and life skills training program that gives you valuable success skills for business and everyday life.


Who is 3Hr Sales Power designed for?

The skills and techniques taught in 3Hr Sales Power can benefit anyone who needs to communicate effectively with others. Those who will benefit most from 3Hr Sales Power include people seeking improved sales skills, business professionals, recent high school and college graduates, anyone looking for a better job or career, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Who created 3Hr Learning and 3Hr Sales Power?

3HrSalesPower was created by Steven F. Osinski, a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive and sales and marketing professor. By using The Osinski Method, Steven shares his experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and educator to give you the opportunity to learn how to sell from all three perspectives.

What is the Osinski Method?

The Osinski Method is the style of teaching that Steven Osinski, 3Hr Learning founder, developed as a professor at San Diego State University.



I went to college. Why do I need 3Hr Learning?

Higher education is a valuable asset. It provides a broad knowledge base and teaches you how to learn and synthesize complex concepts and ideas. Unfortunately, a classroom cannot replicate real-world scenarios and challenges, and some learning is best done “in the trenches.” 3Hr Learning is designed for people in the market—whether experienced professionals that want more out of their careers or recent grads looking for jobs. The material that 3Hr Learning covers is designed for immediate application. Being able to immediately use what you have learned in a 3Hr Lesson allows you to internalize new skills quickly and creates an immediate difference in your career, something not possible for a student in a classroom.

I have been in the field for years now. Will I still get something out of 3Hr Learning?

Yes. You probably know that many of your peers are just getting by. They get their work done, and may do it well, but they are not pushing for more. If you want to land a promotion or expand your business, you need to continue learning new skills or sharpening your current ones. 3hr Learning allows you to do just that.

Does 3Hr Learning really work?

Yes, but don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself, it’s free and you’ll be glad you did.

How do you use 3Hr Sales Power?

3HrSalesPower is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter has a quiz and recap at the end to help you remember the most important points. Watch the chapters, answer the quizzes and study the recaps. Then, test your knowledge by taking the chapter test. Since 3HrSalesPower is delivered to your computer, tablet or smartphone, it can be used anywhere you have a wireless or Wi-Fi internet connection.