The Osinski Method™

The Osinski Method is a teaching style that Steven Osinski developed as a professor at San Diego State University.

In 2008, Steven Osinski decided to give back to the youth and community through teaching the business lessons and sales skills he learned in his career at the local University. As he started to develop his teaching approach he reflected back on his time as an undergraduate at the University of Miami. Osinski knew that the success of his message greatly depended on his ability to maintain the attention of his audience. Having had professors that lectured students into comas, Osinski knew that he had to develop a style that resonated with today’s youth and captivates their minds. The key ingredient to a successful teaching career was to get the audience motivated to act on what they learned.

After testing and refining his message, Steven developed the Osinski Method. This proven method focuses on the 3E’s: Engaged, Educated and Entertained. Through the 3E’s approach, Osinski quickly became a major hit in the Collegiate Sales & Marketing community. He was named the top marketing professor of the year by San Diego State University’s chapter of the AMA (American Marketing Association) and he was recently named the top professor at San Diego State University by the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. His lectures began to attract an overflow of students. Eager participants who were not able to enroll in his courses began attending his lectures. It was after an abundance of inquiries, emails and outreach from aspiring sales professionals that Osinski decided he had to find a way to provide his lessons in a format that could get the sales techniques out to the masses. This was when 3Hr Sales Power was born – online sales training courses that allowed Osinski’s sales techniques to reach and help a much larger audience.

With the 3E’s in mind and maintaining the style that made him a huge hit, Osinski began designing 3Hr Sales Power lesson by lesson. He decided the best way to keep his online sales courses engaging was by enhancing his lectures with vibrant video content and constructing exercises and quizzes to challenge participants to apply their new knowledge in creative real-life ways.