Who is Osinski?

Steven F. Osinski is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, and college professor.

With 30 years of sales and marketing experience and years of teaching experience, Osinski is uniquely qualified to create a new breed of professional. By sharing the lessons that he learned over his long career, Osinski is able to give his students professional shortcuts to success. With his insights, students skip the obstacles that challenged him as a young entrepreneur, achieving their goals faster and more efficiently than anyone entering the field without a veteran instructor guiding them.

As an entrepreneur, Osinski has been involved in multiple start-ups and ventures, but he is perhaps best known for his work with the SMART Group, a national advertising agency that specialized in direct marketing for major wireless carriers like Verizon Wireless and Nextel. Osinski was the founder and CEO. Monster.com (TMP Worldwide) acquired the SMART Group in 1998 and kept Osinski on as Vice President of Marketing for their Directional Marketing division, where he was responsible for $500 million in revenue.

When Osinski left Monster.com, he set his sights on a new passion: teaching. As a professor at San Diego State University, Osinski teaches courses in direct marketing and selling skills. Over the years as an instructor, Osinski was contacted by more and more students that had recently graduated but were still unable to find jobs. After dozens of these conversations, Osinski identified common themes in these conversations—regardless of the students’ respective majors. Those conversations gave birth to 3Hr Learning and its beta product, 3Hr Sales Power. Now Osinski splits his time between teaching students in the classroom and teaching a new kind of student that is in the field but wants to keep improving themselves.

Can 3Hr Learning help change your world?

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3Hr Learning is an extension of entrepreneur and professor Steven Osinski.

The company is built on the same philosophy that guides Osinski’s personal life. Do well for yourself and your employees, and use your success to pay it forward to others so that they too can experience success.

Steven Osinski providing sales leadership training to San Diego State University students.

Teaching at San Diego State University is one way that Osinski gives back to the community. In each class, Osinski uses his personal experience as an entrepreneur as a basis for his lessons, teaching a new generation how to achieve their goals without stepping into the pitfalls that hindered Osinski, but the classroom is just one part of Osinski’s pay it forward philosophy.

Recently, Osinski, who is also on the Board of Directors for its Business School, made a significant donation to San Diego State University to help them launch a Professional Selling and Sales Management program so that even more students can be educated and inspired on the advantages of a sales career. His push to develop a sales program was cited by several notable sources including NBC and the San Diego Business Journal. Osinski is also viewed as an expert and a resource by the community, and he regularly contributes to news articles and stories.