Who We Are

Who We Are

3Hr Learning is dedicated to helping motivated and driven individuals take the next step in their careers.

Whether they are recent college graduates looking to land their first job, or veteran professionals looking to learn new skills to push themselves to the next step of their career – we can help.

In a hyper-competitive market, where everyone is earning a high GPA or taking the same company-sponsored seminars, what we do outside of the classroom or the office is what sets us apart from our peers. 3Hr Learning is your source for cutting edge, battle-tested business techniques. The brainchild of successful entrepreneur Steven Osinski, every 3Hr Learning product is built on practical knowledge that has been honed and sharpened in the field long before it is presented to you.

And since an entrepreneur designed 3Hr Learning and its products, every facet of the company is designed with your needs in mind. You can easily fit 3Hr Learning into your busy schedule, and the content is presented through the Osinski Method, a teaching style that Steven Osinski developed as a professor at San Diego State University.

Steven Osinski teaching college entrepreneurs.

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Click here to learn more about Steven Osinski and his background as an entrepreneur, or click here to learn more about 3Hr Learning products.