Why Sales

Sales is a Great Profession & Great Skill to have in Business

Regardless of what you do professionally, you are always selling. Not just products or services, but your ideas, your beliefs and yourself. 3Hr Sales Power will help you take your natural skills and bring them to a confidence and success level that you’ve never seen before. Each 3Hr Sales Power lesson builds on the previous lesson(s) to teach you powerful sales skills faster than you ever thought possible. Below are some statistics showing the continued growth and earning potential of sales careers so you can see why a sales career is so beneficial. Many business positions these days are being outsourced and replaced with technology in this evolving world but sales is not one of them.




Why Sales : Best Jobs In US News & World Reports
US News & World Reports ranked being a Sales Representative as the 19th best Business-related job for 2014, and within the top 100 best jobs in the United States. Median earnings for Sales Representatives in 2012 exceeded $54,000 a year, with the top 10% of sales representatives earning well above $100,000 annually.


Why Sales: Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the number of Sales Representative jobs in the United States will increase by nearly 9% between now and 2022. The unemployment rate for sales professionals falls well below the national average.


Why Sales : Selling Power Magazine
Selling Power magazine reports that there were over 23,000,000 sales jobs among America’s 500 largest sales forces. Sales revenues exceeded $6,400,000,000,000. ($6.4 Trillion)


Why Sales: Direct Marketing Association
The Direct Selling Association reports that direct sales in the United States generated over $31 Billion in annual revenues in 2012 while employing over 15,000,000 salespeople.