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3Hr Learning teaches you how to succeed. No fluff. No filler. Just learning.

Every chapter in the 3Hr Sales Power online sales training courses is packed with useful and practical knowledge that you can directly apply in the workplace to your advantage. All of the lessons contain information that has been proven to increase sales performance in real life business environments across all industries. 3Hr Sales power will teach you the most vital skills needed to advance your sales career.

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Chapter 1 : Relationship Selling

Learn what relationship selling is and how it’s different than traditional selling methods. It will help you better understand how sales is a developed process as well as the six key characteristics that differentiate the Relationship Salesperson from others. Get started on chapter 1 here.

Chapter 2 : Why People Buy

Chapter 2 teaches you why people buy, also known in marketing as consumer behavior. You’ll learn the five steps a customer goes through when making a purchase and how to address each step. We will also teach how to utilize customer motivations and help your prospects make smart purchasing decisions. Get started on chapter 2 here.

Chapter 3 : Improving Your Game

Chapter 3 is focused on improving your game and yourself by combining authenticity, passion, motivation and knowledge. You’ll learn how to build up your knowledge about your prospect and their company as well as your competition. Get started on chapter 3 here.

Chapter 4 : Finding Prospects

In chapter 4 you’ll learn the importance on consistently prospecting for new clients, all about the 4 different types of prospects and how to prioritize your prospects. You’ll also learn a helpful trick on how to distinguish between great and not so great prospects. Get started on chapter 4 here.

Chapter 5 : Approaching Prospects

Chapter 5 teaches you the best ways to approach prospects, how to plan for the initial call with your prospects and how to utilize the essential 5 P’s to your benefit. We will also teach you what to say on phone calls, when leaving messages and how to work with the “Gatekeeper” to get to the decision maker. Get started on chapter 5 here.

Chapter 6 : The Appointment

Because the initial appointment is so important, we will teach you how to make the best impression through having a perfect appearance, attire and greeting. We will also teach you what type of questions to ask so that you can position yourself as a valuable asset or partner to your prospect to set you apart from all other salespeople. Get started on chapter 6 here.



Chapter 7 : Making Your Presentation

Chapter 7 shows you how to make a great presentation that impresses and convinces your prospect. You’ll learn how to target your presentation to the specific needs of your prospect, how to emphasize important points and how to make your presentations memorable, effective and successful. Get started on chapter 7 here.

Chapter 8 : Dealing With Objections

Properly dealing with objections is often crucial to making a sale, but you’ll also learn how objections are actually a positive sign about the customer’s interest. We will teach you how to respond to objections to get closer to making the sale and how to respond to many common objections. Get started on chapter 8 here.



Chapter 9 : Asking For The Sale

Chapter 9 teaches you how to ask for the sale and formalize your business relationships with your prospects. You’ll learn five useful closing techniques that will help your prospect make the decision to buy and how to reassure you them that you are the right person to purchase from. You’ll also learn about rejection. Rejection isn’t easy, so you’ll learn useful ways to deal with it. Get started on chapter 9 here.

Chapter 10: After The Sale

The true responsibilities of a Relationship Salesperson begin after the sale so you’ll learn the importance of keeping your customer satisfied and how to make sure they are satisfied. You’ll also learn six great tips on how to achieve optimal client care. You’ll also learn about the importance of asking clients for referrals and how they can help to build you a more successful future. Get started on chapter 10 here.



Chapter 11 : Selling on Social Media

Social Media is more important than ever, so you’ll learn how to enhances your sales image on Social Media as a means to find new prospects. You’ll learn how to develop an optimal profile and how to perfect your Social Media presence through seven strategic pointers. Because Social Media can be risky, you’ll learn how to minimize your risk to maintain a positive professional reputation. Get started on chapter 11 here.

Chapter 12 : Selling Yourself

Selling yourself is the most important element of sales, so you’ll learn the importance of networking, professional pointers and how to make yourself stand out from other job applicants and salespeople. You’ll learn some highly useful interview tips that can help you both in interview and on prospective calls. Get started on chapter 12 here.