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What is Relationship Selling?
What is Relationship Selling?
  • Steven Osinski
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Relational selling, also called relationship selling, is the process of seeking out people who have a particular need, assisting them to recognize and define that need and demonstrating to them how a particular service or product fills that need. This process of relational selling ends with a very natural close because it is obvious to them they have a solution to their problem. Sounds pretty simple, right?

To dig a little deeper, relational selling:

  • salesIs a highly respected profession.
  • Provides you with the opportunity for financial freedom.
  • Gives you control over your life and your time.
  • Is entrepreneurial at its core.
  • Enables you to keep learning and improve yourself as well as your craft.
  • Is relatively recession-proof.
  • Enables you to build a highly powerful, loyal network of friends & business associates.
  • Is rarely ever boring or dull.

We find that sales often gets a bad rap due to the schleppy “used car” salesman approach (for more on how to not be that guy check out our article on selling vs. consulting). In reality, great salespeople are SOLUTION PROVIDERS. Sales pros demonstrate their value to customers by providing information and helping solve real problems. The great salesperson always views situations and problems from their client’s perspective and can align that problem with a solution that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. A huge part of being a great salesperson and relational seller is knowing how to ask the right questions to fully understand a customer’s business and the challenges they face. Often times the customer may not even know they have a problem and it is the job of the sales consultant to help them identify things they can improve.  Just think, if they knew they had a problem why wouldn’t they fix it?

Some parting words regarding relationship selling: you will use it every day of your life!

[quote style=”1″]“Following the principles of relational selling has granted me success beyond what I could have ever dreamed. It has given me financial freedom through great business success and has helped me to develop richer relationships with my family and friends. Why wouldn’t everyone invest some time to learn these core principles?” – Steven Osinski [/quote]

Learn the relationship selling and personal selling skill set and it will serve you well in areas well beyond business. Some parting thoughts:

  • changeHuman relation skills are basic selling skills.
  • Skills are learned and practiced from birth.
  • Everyone has a base upon which to build their selling abilities.
  • Both introverts and extroverts can be successful relational sellers.
  • You can change your path by educating yourself.

If you are considering sales, great! It can be a highly rewarding career path for you. If you have been in sales for a while, you should continually be developing your skill set. We encourage you to take sales seriously and be a professional. Start making the necessary changes with your behavior to become a relational salesperson. Start solving problems for your clients and adding real value. This is the most sustainable and long term path to a relational selling career. What are your thoughts about and successes with relationship selling? Let us know what you think.